Calling up settings
If you have bought a new cell phone and want to install your USB-Key onto it, you must first uninstall the USB-Key from the old phone. Uninstalling is easy, just make sure your cell phone has an Internet connection to register the uninstallation in our database.
Please note: For security reasons it is not possible to install a USB-Key on more than one device. If you have lost your cell phone or it is no longer usable for other reasons, the security mechanism can be removed for a certain time to allow you the reinstallation. However, the simultaneous use of a USB-Key on several phones can lead to data loss and the expiration of the license.
In the first step, call up the settings as shown.
Select a USB-Key
Now tap on the menu item “USB-Key Organization” in the settings and then select the desired USB-Key.
Uninstalling the USB-Key
Tap on the recycle bin icon and read the notes in the next three queries carefully.

1. Dialog
Tap “Remove”. Then the 2nd prompt appears, reminding you whether you have a current backup.
Please note: If you do not have a current backup, cancel the process to avoid data loss.
2. Dialog
If you have a recent backup, tap „Continue“. Otherwise, cancel now!

3. Dialog
Now tap „Remove now“ in the 3rd query to uninstall the USB-Key. After this step, you can reinstall the USB-Key on any cell phone.